“No more doubts in your decisions”


“Each detail is well-finished”


“No foregone conclusion in our personal design”


“If you are searching for a new style”


“When your dream come true”


At ECONVERSOSTUDIO, a full-service architecture, interior design, engineering, construction management and program management firm, we bring an extraordinary depth of talent, creativity and technical skills to facility and infrastructure projects.

Our vision is to deliver responsive and resourceful solutions for our clients, a safe and stimulating workplace for our employees, and a legacy of creative contributions to a sustainable built environment.

Founded in 2015, ECONVERSOSTUDIO was born from the common professional passion of two friends: Andrea Provenzali and Damiano Iacopetti, who had already several years of experience in the sustainable design and construction industry.

ECONVERSOSTUDIO has created  a new approach  developing new services and entering new markets. Redefining the concept of global practice to provide a responsive, resourceful and diverse service, ECONVERSOSTUDIO professionals operate from Lucca and London.

Our commitment is to deliver the very best design and construction expertise throughout the planning, design, construction management and commissioning process.

In ECONVERSOSTUDIO our customers find an innovative approach to realize their highest expectations and we are proud to hold an excellent record for that.

ECONVERSOSTUDIO has only one leading principle, expressed by the Ockham motto:” Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate”. In that sentence lies our core thought about architectural and building engineering practice.


Our architecture is driven by the Ockham’s Razor philosophy, in other words, we believe that our surroundings has to be limited to the philosophical concept of necessity related to the freedom of choice. Conceptual design can be embraced by our philosophy recruiting forces in what is surrounding us, taking the cue from what is sleeping in our memory and from what we can find round us. Whole the resources are to be searched in places where the customer’s dreams have to come true; nevertheless we can’t lose our identity, our knowledge and our style so we put them all, in our creations. Functionality and Concept, here our purpose, our architectonic meaning, our style and above all, what we want to give to our customers.



Structures, hydraulics, mobility, energy, … what we believe is common to all these engineering disciplines is deeply related to the mode of operation we use to find solutions. We are convinced that the work should get a maximum degree of efficiency in relation to the financial commitment; in other words, we believe our task is to minimize the expenditure in order to obtain the best possible in term of functions and aesthetics. In our opinion, what we want to get can be achieved only by applying this three basic concepts: Expertise, Availability, Diligence. We believe that the work of a team is the synthesis of these three skill, and engineers should guarantee them daily. Now everything is possible due to the ability of our brain and synergy.



The build-up, often incoherent, which makes the human being first cause of earth poisoning factor, has been obtained due to the multiple data analysis that is needed to draw up an urban planning, relative to its extent; more wide is the land that has to be analyzed more is complexity of data analysis required and proportionally, wider is the area we are trying to planning cheaper is the cost in terms of earth poisoning. For that, we find suitable to use more advanced GIS tools. We believe that the built should be like an organic body, composed , functional and efficient, especially against the landscape. Knowledge and technique are basic tools that can allow us to live on this planet, no longer in viral form, but rather in conjunction with it.


Urban Planning

It’s also during the yard management that you can really estimate our skill and our devotion to duty. Here you can discover the summa of our expertise, of our job philosophy and then appreciate the way we face the work. If you think your wallet should be safe, you can trust in that: we treat yours like our. Our proven yard management system, enables you to plan, execute, keep track of whole the work.  Our yard Management takes care of all workloads, workflows, security and other yard assets simultaneously. Don’t throw away your money anymore, we are h24 on the road and we can organize yours dream all around the world.Throughout the whole process of realizing the client vision our main commandment is:


Yard Management